Designing with Intent

While searching for articles on persuasive design I discovered the work of Lockton, Harrison and Stanton. Lockton et al. created a pattern tool kit under the name “Design with Intent” (DwI) where they present 101 patterns for influencing behavior through design. Luckily a colleague at ML had a printed version of this design tool kit here in the office. I immediately started exploring the kit which is proving to be really helpful! The toolkit is sorted into eight perspective lenses and for our project the letters I (interaction), P (perceptual) and C (cognitive) are of importance, which I focussed on now. Some example of the questions are

  • Can you design your system to engage people’s emotions, or make them emotionally connected to their behavior?
  • Can you use ambient sensory effects (sound, light, smell, etc.) to encourage users to interact or behave in the way you’d like?
  • Feedback through form – Can the object itself be the interface?

I really recommend this toolkit and am fortunate to explore more of it during the design process of our project.

Check the link:

Requisitevariety – Design with Intent toolkit




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