Presentation and workshop stress

This last days were just very intense and we worked a huge amount with our system, the user test and the presentation preparation. I had to present our project at university today. The presentation should be as original and visual as possible, that is why I decided to use the tool prezi to create the presentation. It just provided more visual effects and variety than ppt or keynote presentations. Additionally I created a short video to present some impressions of Mobilelife as a working place and let the audience test our interface in order to get a first response.

The presentation went really well and I am looking forward to start with our user tests. In the evening Tina and me even prepared for the first user tests on friday. According to make that work we created a pilot test, in which we tested ourselves and according to that adjust the test settings. This was a loooong working day!!

Skärmavbild 2013-03-25 kl. 13.39.22 This is the overview of my prezi presentation on the project


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