Defining our next steps

So this is a moment for reflection. We have to think about what we have have done up to now and figuring out the next steps to take. For the interface design I got a lot of input from the first round of user testing. Right now there are three things to consider and to explore more deeply. The first and second concerns the actual design and expand some ideas we had before, the third is testing a different style of design. The plan is to give the user more to interact with on the one hand but at the same time not distroying our general purpose of the application on the other hand. It might be a question of balancing those two items.

At the same time we are busy with some reading and reflecting on the user studies outcome in a more general sense. The goal for the next testing round is to build the system as far as possible before that (as soon as we get the sensors, which we were finally able to order this week) and to provide a variety of design possibilities in order to narrow our systems purpose down on the most important outcome. It is possible to say that we reached a milestone this week, but there are many more to come.

For now the project team wishes “Happy Easter” and we will continue next week with more design, more thoughts and more documentations.



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