Continue to design

I had a busy week where I developed and altered the design for the application. Through the user testing we got a lot of input on how to change the interface design. Some suggestions included to create a more abstract version, which should be less colorful. The risk with our actual design is that it can be perceived as being to cartoon-like with it’s bright and shining colors. In order to come closer to the Chinese “zen” theme I got inspired by Chinese ink paintings. Instead of copying this style directly I adjusted the traditional painting style into something of my own. We are now implementing the designs in unity.

As a second feedback we came up with a solution for the interaction. We got a lot of feedback with the request to be able to interact with the interface. The main purpose of our system is that it is sensor-based and is therefore gathering data from the users body. Normally the user wouldn’t be aware of their stress status, but our application is going to visualize it in an unusual way. In our first prototype, the sensors weren’t attached yet, that is why it was possible for the users to interact with it (change the version and the day/night rytm by touching). That is why we need to enable a tangible interaction in our finished system as well.

Our idea is to create a bigger screen, where the users might explore the surrounding, without interfering with the fish’s movement or speed. Those last named parameters will be generated through the users bodily sensations.




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