Meeting and new questions

Today we finally met up as a group again and presented recent done work. Tina was away on holidays in China and returned this week. She managed to do some interviews directly in China and it’s exiting to hear Chinese users feedback on the interface design and the general concept. The important task is now to think about some solutions. What solution should our system provide besides showing emotional arousal? Can we include some form of therapeutic element, such as a breathing technic or calming movements?

My task will be to think about those questions and implementing some additional elements in at the new interface. As discussed in the last post, we implemented more movability. The user is now even able to move around in a bigger interface space. This is the interface how it looks so far.



One response to “Meeting and new questions

  1. The interface is very much like Chinese ink painting. Well done!! We need more improvement in some details. Make the interface look not that full.

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