Reading and writing

Last meeting we decided to split up and work on the written draft by ourselves. Afterwards those parts should be connected to each other, reworked and combined in content and style.

I spent the whole day searching and reading relevant literature. I revisited literature I found relevant in a previous stage, used some and neglected others. The most important part while writing a draft, paper or basically anything written is to build a structure. So that is what I created as well. Tina send out a basic structure as well, which helps focussing on the important parts of our project.

For an assignment at my masters program I wrote a piece on how to explain the design of a research project. This might help us at this stage:

A research project normally goes through five different phases, which are called preparation-, observation-, design-, discussion/testing- and evaluation-phase. Each phase differs in their purpose, structure or design and goal or outcome. To understand the proposed method the following chart is created (Fig. 1).


structure/ design

outcome/ goal


to have knowledge about the research and the company background where the case study is conducted

structure the literature after relevance, read as much as possible

competent in the field of research,

be prepared for the observation



to collect as much information in the work environment as possible, gather the “need” for change

one part is an objective study of the employees behavior, the second are interviews with key persons to find out about their perspectives on aesthetics, experience, use qualities, technological aspects etc.

to gain information from an actual workplace, and to relate the findings to relevant literature, inside-look provided and a creation of a different design is now possible, analyse the needs for the next design phase


integrate the findings in a design sketch for later testing

designing the new workplace in sketches, as well as high-fi environment sketching, possible ideas for furniture, room layout, purpose for different spaces

the outcome are different types of sketches as well as basis for discussion

Discussion/ Testing

a direct user test with a group of employees engages with the proposed designs

a discussion workshop is conducted where the designed sketches, materials and questions are tested and valued

a direct response, experience how the target group interacts, possible new approaches and ideas


to gather all the collected information and bring them into a context

Write an evaluation about the gathered information, try to answer the proposed questions or hypotheses, relate and evt. embed to/into relevant literature,

Create a transferable holistic standard for other office workplaces and try to include the digital use qualities as research tools for this physical environment.

Fig. 1: Method chart to explain the design of the research project


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