Analytic search of the data corpus

Whenever we had time during the last weeks, we transcript the video data from our user test. Now that we finalized that second stage, we went into the third stage: an analytic search of the data corpus. Heath, Hindmarsh and Luff (2010) define this step as providing “the principal data used during analysis”. We organized this step by going through all the transcripts one by one, and are analyzing the content accordingly. We formed themes and topics around the feedback we gained from the users, which helps us understand what the users needs and wants.

The topics were then ranked and connected to each other, by which we gain substantial grounding for redesigns and adjustments. The decisions on what to change where remain with us  as designers and creators of the interface and the system. This will provide a good basis for reflection as well as for comparison at a later stage (as for example a second user test).


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