First paper output ready

My paper is ready and was submitted on the 31/05 and the defence and opposition took place last week. The title is “Reflection on ‘Yu’ – introducing project management tools”. To give a short overview I include the actual abstract of my paper:

This article discusses the understanding of the design
process in research projects by taking specific tools from
project management into account. Explorative and creative
design projects often run the risk of losing focus on project
goals during the process. This article aims to provide a
different and novel approach to the ongoing discussion of
the clash between creativity and efficiency during the
creation of artifacts. By discussing the self-conducted case
study – project „Yu‟ – this article reflects on the design
process as well as the relationship between the designer and
the user. The model created and presented includes two
techniques; the active user dialogue and the goal and user
needs definition. Both are inspired by similar approaches in
project management, which illustrate the importance of the
designer‟s responsibility for the final design outcome. The
article identifies and discusses similar approaches in design
theory and is aiming to emphasize the positive possibilities
for an elaborate design approach.

I got mixed critics and feedback! Positive was that the writing style and academic standard which the teacher opponent describes as excellent. My task with this paper is now to work in the critic and create a finished scientific paper. I am happy that I will gain the Master of science title – and that this project fruited in a positive outcome.

sophie with thesis

The next steps in the “Yu” project itself are of a varying nature: continuing work on the prototype and the formulation of a reflecting paper. Tina and me decided to write the paper in a more unusual format, which highlights the work-in-progress approach. Next week we will discuss our work in a Writer’s workshop conducted here at Mobile Life. I am sure that this will provide valuable feedback!


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