Focus, ready….go!

During the last days Tina and me were writing, discussing and structuring a lot! There are many tasks to do: writing a draft for the writer’s workshop (and as a basis for the final paper), creating new ideas for the next user test and working on the prototype. Our main concern right now is the direction and arguments for the paper – we have come a long way but there is so much to do and reflect on. The new structure forces us to read more literature and discuss the gained knowledge. The paper’s goal is not necessarily reflect the whole project, but instead on important outcomes of the findings from user tests. By that we are finally focusing on the relevant parts!! The last days have been very intense and I think we have exciting times ahead of us…

20130613_173723 fig. 1: Tina taking discussion notes

20130614_150848 fig.2: Visualizing thoughts and ideas on the whiteboard


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