Feedback from the writer’s workshop

Last week on 19/06 we were part of the writer’s workshop and discussed the draft of our paper. At the writer’s workshop two other researchers were assigned to read the paper in before hand, but all people who wanted to join had 15 minutes to give it a quick read-through. Accordingly the paper was discussed and everyone could add critic and raise questions. In this manner you were be able to read and discuss the work of your colleagues.

We got a lot of constructive feedback and realized that we have to target the paper and focus on one main question, instead of giving a wider overview. In order to do this we have to narrow down our text down and to understand what we are trying to explain as well as to make clear why our idea stand out. We profited especially from the feedback senior researchers were giving – it feels like we are on a good way, but there still is a loads to do.


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