Test Sensors with Arduino

Last month we worked on the hardware and tried to find the best solution for accessing bio-data. I used Arduino Uno board, an open-source electronics prototyping platform to test biosensors. A rough GSR sensor is built to measure skin conductance. In order to embed the sensors in a work environment, we designed a sensor embedded mouse and pen for collecting GSR data. The result showed that the value range of GSR data depend on the placement of electrodes and contact area. It means that it is difficult to get accurate and reliable GSR data when users move or put the sensor in a different way. Then pulse sensor was tested with arduino. It worked well when index finger were put on it. We tested in different usage environment and the results were relatively accurate.  So we decided to focus on pulse and heart beat based measurement for biofeedback.


PulseSensorAmpedFinger-web_2_large IMG_3427 IMG_3424 copy IMG_3241 Yu



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